Carenado C90 Kingair for X-Plane+Lockheed Martin Interview

Two leaders of their respective fields featured today! Firstly the video of Carenado’s latest X-Planes. Wow, talk about impressive and making progress over the months! I’ve tried Carenado’s aircraft for a few years now, noticing subtle improvements introduced as each model is released (either Xplane or FSX/P3D as the mood suits). But it’s the major features and tricks introduced into the Xplane versions that really impress me, Danklaue never rests on his laurels, always pushing the limits.

The video is literally my very first impressions of the plane, I have plenty of exploring and practising to do. In short I can say that I was gobsmacked, such a beautiful creation, especially the HDR lighting effects. Those gimballed lights are first-rate! The plane handles as expected, fairly powerful and stable. A beautiful exterior. Really, a must-have aircraft and I can’t see myself flying much else for a while.

I continue to be impressed by xplane’s night lighting, it really is the best out there. Night approaches into small and large airports remain the most spectacular experience out there. I doubt P3DV2 will match it…yet. Yes I still whinge about the daytime look of the terrain and autogen, but I definitely notice some pleasing improvements to the terrain textures lately – Well done Andras and Mystery Texture Man!

I dialled up the weather a bit in attempt to highlight the rain. All that did was produce the same rollercoaster violent turbulence that Xplane is known for. Then some bug caused all the clouds to disappear. Oh well, that was good for the FPS performance.

The new freebie addon HDR Environment II proves to be real good, changing the look of the lights, sky and clouds totally, in a good way. See my last post for details of the addons.

So I hope you enjoy the video and the features I attempt to highlight. Once you’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ll want it! Go gettit here, for $34.95 USD.


Skymaxx Pro release imminent!

It’ll get more confusing in Xplane addon land soon, as we just saw X-Aviation’s announcement of the release of Skymaxx Pro this weekend (? Really? It’s already Saturdee..). So you’ll need to watch videos and read reviews to decide whether it’s worth paying for the Skymaxx Pro look. It certainly sounds interesting, and if the freewares already available are any indication, it should improve your sim no end. Check out the further info. here

Interview with Wes Bard

Our second industry leader we were referring to, we saw this appear last night, very informative! Well done to those insolent ones! I don’t want to dilute the excellent experience I had with Xplane, so read it yourself and make your own conclusions. Anyway, there should be enough hype about it by now and by Monday!

What with all these new Xplane addons and the emergence of version 2 of P3D, I feel this is one of the most momentous periods in flight simming history. A true battle to the ‘death’ of 2 fantastic sims, with us, the consumers, the ones to benefit in the long run.

4 thoughts on “Carenado C90 Kingair for X-Plane+Lockheed Martin Interview

      • There are now several torrents posted, the new mesh and textures have completely changed the sim. I have orbx’s ftxglobal and X-Plane 10 scenery is now better for many of the areas I normally fly. My main complaint now is the autogen still needs more variety, but this will come in time. I’m definitely a lot more optimistic about X-Plane now than I was about a month ago.

        • Yes, sadly the community has come to the fore again and supported Laminar’s lack of investment (eg decent servers). Can’t wait to try it myself, esp as my P3Dv2 download has just frozen at 1.5gigs!!

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