9 comments on “xp+10+reviews + 19 July 2012

  1. Holy Red-eye flights Chip! It’s past 2 in the morning, my insomnia is not exactly cured, then you post THIS!!! How am I meant to sleep now! This Lego stuff looks incrediace. And it’s Fredeware!! I’ll copyright that. Gotta go now, I have some Avsim stirring up I need to do…

  2. I am a livery sympathiser, Chip. All my constant (and OK….unnecessary) livery changing has now gone with this latest beta. And now I cannot change liveries at all with Carenado aircraft. Just boring blank default liveries. Help. Like you I am now bald and will have to go out and purchase a toupee before facing the family.

    • I gave up after about 10 crashes last night, got back into 10.05 this morning. I like having multiple XP installs for just this reason, but this is getting old again. One step forward, two back…again…

      • I am contemplating doing the same thing. I know they are trying terribly hard to sort things so I guess I just have to try and be patient. Which I always find a touch difficult! At least my joystick is working now so that is the one step forward for me, I think

      • Multiple installs is definitely the way to go when testing beta software. 10.10b3 has likely created as many problems as it’s solved. That said, a little bit of pain now may result in a kick-ass release version. My fingers are still crossed.

    • They need to fix these issues before they can go with the 64bit build. Because not being able to use your flight stick is a show stopper.

  3. In 10.10 b3, my joystick finally works, which is a good thing :)

    But still many bugs. All textures of the plane (not only livery, but also inside the cockpit) where lost yesterday when I increased number of objects in rendering settings.

    I wonder if they have re-written that game from scratch, because so many NEW bugs were introduced in 10.10. O.o

    But it’s a beta, after all. Not a big problem, because 10.05 is rather stable.