6 comments on “xp+10+reviews + the Fourth of July edition for 2012

  1. Those new BA liveries look, well, BA. If only there wasn’t a strict “no-Airbus” clause in my contract…

  2. Beautiful shot of earth, I cropped out the frame and put my desktop color to black. Set the picture to ‘Fit’ and it’s now my desktop. Thank you, really enjoy the science and astronomy stuff you cover.

  3. Funny you should bring up the BA Dove Livery! I have already started the livery for the BA golden dove livery a couple of days ago should be ready soon it is very hard though but i will keep you guys posted! i have done the engine and pilot windows(i have done the tail but i might make another one because it is a bit dark and doesn\’t have the best look i can show you if you want so i can have your advice to see if i should redo it) It might not be the livery in the world but at least there will be one because i have been looking for good pics over the past couple of days but it is hard to find the exact right pic but i did find a good one that i can do the new Tail with!

  4. Also if anyone has some pics that i might be able to use you can contact me on my X-Plane blog!
    I would really appriciate it!