17 comments on “We’ve blown our Safety Valves

  1. So should we expect YMML and YMML from you soon? Top quality I trust! Maybe I can learn something for my YSCN. Come on Aussies :-) .

    All the best for you and particularly Chip and FT56.

    • Thanks!

      Ha, once I read all the thorough and clear instructionals on how to use. Then I’ll help you with camden? Do you need a 2km large lego terminal? :-) Simon

  2. Chips gotta get well, unfortunate.

    Could santiagos work be a surprise?

    Coming soon- hope to see posts on such actually soon vs 1 week + away

  3. looking forward to everything & chips healing

    Im beginig to think May will be another dud month for xplane and Apple news/ hardware. Kind of a bummer , long waits suck. But all signs point to June being full of stuff

  4. wheres the townhall podcast posted? its already wednesday and can’t find it anywhere. I want to listen to it

  5. The generic Lego Brick approach may be generic and not as good as a well-done airport-specific scenery… But it allows unskilled folks like me to quickly and easily add life to our favorite. I’m all for that! :)


  6. Any xplane photos or videos or reviews coming soon?

    Also FS Break should be posting tonight the townhall podcast

    • Jeez dude, don’t you have anything else going on in your life? When there is news, they will post it. One of the guys is recovering from what sounds like pretty serious surgery and one is sick, plus they have real jobs. Get a grip.

  7. i understand their sick/ recovering. I have some medical issue I’m looking into of my own & others. I am not trying to lessen that. Simply noting a decent break in media posts/ review posts for quite a while back. looking forward to new stuff each day.

    * i also think the time zone differences contribute to *delays/ aka differences

    wish those who are ill well, hope 10.10 comes out by saturday night since they said this week. look forward to that & santiagos projects coming

    • Sorry if I came on a bit strong Chris. It is just that a lot of your posts are repeats of the same issues which no one on this blog has any control over. They can’t report information they don’t have or do not have permission to release. We are all anxiously awaiting news. I share your anticipation.

    • Yes, hang tight Chris, I’m at work close to full time and FT’s been laid low too with his flu. Re. 10.10, I’m sure the more often you ask the same question, the quicker it’ll come…not.

      Actually I’m busting for 10.10 now as well, as I only want to load select sceneries to my SSD drive, not the whole she-bang per 10.5. But like me, just keep busy on other things or ideas, or you will explode! Have you perfected your Oilrig approaches in a heli? Or can you do greasers in a 3 wheeler? Always something else to do while waiting. Or checked your kids for lice (oh bugger, I gotta do that soon…)

      • Haha lice. Well I do not have kids seeing I am fresh out of college. I actually do not have my own high end computer until new Macs come out in June most likely. So I am using a 2009 base model imac to test download sceneries , planes and beta updates on low cosmetic levels however for the time being. Hope FT gets well