10 comments on “GTX 690 Announced

  1. This is absolutely awesome. BUT, my GTX 470 already runs everything at max. Well maybe not X-Plane, but every game out there i have it on max.

    Someday i am sure i will have something like this in my system though.

    • Me too jack, I thought I’d be upgrading about now, but my old i7 is still going strong and the 560 should see me thru until next yr when the 680 is coming free in every packet of Weeties! Chip needs to buy a PC, I’ll do my best to see him get a 690, it’ll be handy for screenshots.

  2. 64-bit or not, the coding of the application needs to be done in such a way that the application utilizes the full potential of the dual cores. At the time the 690 really won’t do you much good in comparison to the fastest single cores (not for X-Plane, anyhow).

    Speaking of single cores, I upgraded from the 580 to 680 and am so thankful I did! For us guys with big monitor setups it’s answered a lot of prayers with X-Plane 10. Very fluid experience at extreme settings and munches through clouds. The 580 was a great card as well, but for my screen resolution it struggled in quite a few areas.

    • Hey Cameron, you see my reply/Query?? Maybe a better Q is – What juicy % clouds are you running at with HDR on, and wot rez? At idle, on rwy 16 KSEA, in the meaty default 747? That’s a good test! I always laugh when I realise the CRJ runs quicker than that 747! Please do not say >30fps, or my credit card will implode..

  3. This graphics card really looks amazing! I can’t believe the pure power it packs. The price is quite high, however – I guess Nvidia can justify this as some of the components are quite rare.

    Check out GTX 690 Review for loads more information!