14 comments on “xp+10+reviews + 4 April 2012 + AeroSOFT’s BIKF + Samen’s A330-300

  1. Don’t waste too much time on this train of thought because you’ve already told us Prepar3d is the future & Austin has been sacked….

    Seriously, as a former FSX user looking for a modern alternative I tried XP9 and did not like it. I made the jump to XP10 on day 1 though because it gave me the one thing critically XP9 lacked – traffic. I appreciate a lot of people like accuracy in flight model but for me it’s about having a holistic immersive experience. OK, you need scenery for that too. In the past few months there have been major improvements in XP10 and I think it’s safe to assume they will continue. Against that backdrop Aerosoft are in on the ground floor and some of these early products could be deemed loss leaders that will eventually secure them significant market share. They are certainly my preferred vendor and I chose to buy the CRJ from them to support their entry into the market. So let’s wait & see I’m hoping for Malpensa, London City and cannot wait to get my hands on their ATR. (My middle name is not Mathis)

    • Nice try, Mathis! But your point is well taken, and one we’ve been stressing here for a long time. We need a massive infusion of ultra high quality airport and city files in XP. There are about ten ultra high quality ACF needed in XP as soon as humanly possible too. BUT..There simply are not enough devs in XP to get the work done in a reasonable period of time. We need fresh talent, but we need a viable business model for that to happen, and vibrant sales for that to come into focus. We hold the future in our pocketbooks, I’m afraid. It’s time to start buying files! Now Mathis, could you send me an AeroSOFT baseball cap?

      Sent from the dark side of the Moon.

  2. with the new A330, why are there no LIT textures? I don’t see how it took a year to make and theres not LIT, will they be coming? other than the Ethiad livery.

      • alright cool thanks great plane quality, v10 quality. i wish the xplane.org would not accept low quality planes/ delete very old models or new submissions that look like a 5th grader made on a weekend. low quality un appealing eye candy for planes and scenery take away from the next level of simulation that v10 brings & current computers. The upcoming C-17 is another example of what should be accepted.

      • eta on the LIT textures , IMO, they shouldn’t have released these planes without those textures

      • i noticed many switches are not moveable in the cockpit, wiper switch does nothing- no wipers move, and the engines look a tad tilted downward off center. disappointed, for a yr + project

  3. Well guys, I see and truly agree with your point. We need to buy over Aerosoft online shop, not only to have great files, but to support X-Plane current ” reloading, revitalising ” , call it as you want..

    We have chance to see those giants coming to the little but growing X-Plane, if we miss it, so we can say goodbye forever to our expansion dreams, we’ll always stay with our strange sim, extraterrestrial one , X-Plane, X-Files u know .. and MSFS people will always have a smile when thinking of us.

    Things are, quite complicated though, they ( Aerosoft ) should host almost all payware files that are, or be about to, be released. But people always act alone, choose their favorite retailer ( org store or X-Aviation ) to sell their productions, Aerosoft is – unfortunately – often forgotten.

    I’ve bought my XP10 copy from Aerosoft, received a real nice German made metal case, with some paper inside and ad for CRJ and ATR. That was well made, and quick to ship. Now, I know all adds ons I want, that are available there, will be my future purchases.

    For now, I’ve a crappy PC so can’t run those highly detailed airports but later ..

    Then, there are also one BIG problem in our community, as you stated, we are very few and we should help us together to be stronger, instead of throwing us s**t each other.. You would even don’t have to ask for a free copy for a review, if it don’t come from the developer, well, let them sell it as they want, and that’s life if it’s a marketing crash. You know of which file I mean in that.

    Also, I’m always waiting for THIS purchase to be usable. For how long ? I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask why but..

    I always dreamed of an X-Plane family, soldered together, helping , instead of letting anger growing, money replacing relationships etc etc..


    • Humm, just to say something, cause i haven’t really chimed in for a while yet. I messaged Aerosoft 2 months back and asked them to sell the Q400, and they have yet to get back to me. I was told by others that they are very backed up. Plus they also charge 10% more to sell at their store apparently then the org. Not 100% sure about that yet as they haven’t gotten back to me.

      Either way, i as a developer would love to have my plane at another store, but i am not to sure now if Aerosoft really wants to expand like that.

      Perhaps i missed somewhere somewhere.

  4. I don’t see anyone that appears to offer or want scenery with accurate lakes,ponds,roads and rivers.

    I once thought that was a good market opportunity missed but it seems no one but myself wants it so I reckon I was wrong. Guess it does not matter at 30,000 feet as long as there is an accurate airport when you come down.

    I guess I am stuck with my ” converted from MSFS ” RI scenery for now.

  5. i have veray Blogs once thought that was a good market opportunity missed but it seems no one but myself wants it so I reckon I was wrong. Guess it does not matter at 30,000 feet as long as there is an accurate airport when you come down.

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