7 comments on “XP Reviews : Aircraft Review : Bombardier Challenger 300

  1. This is my favorite aircraft, a work of art with lots of auto systems thus no overhead panel. From the start I found it easy to fly and for landing the deployment of the landing spoilers at about five feet agl was unusual (in that this is the only aircraft that I know that simulates that) and needed a slightly different technique. (I dont have any airbuses). The external sound is to loud and I found myself selecting mute prior to external views, you mention that standing behind the jet is deafening, well that is the opposite to reality. The reason for that is that the air from the exhaust is superheated and therefore very thin, so it is a poor carrier of sound (I spent 30 of my 49 years as an aircraft engineer working the ramps so do know what I am talking about). In the end I found some suitable sounds and replaced the originals.
    I would like to see the ability to declutter the horisontal situation screen of “fixes”. I find flying into major airports that there are so many fix waypoints displayed that the display is almost unusable. Other than that this is, in my opinion, the best civil jet available for X-P.
    There is an excellent US coast guard paint job for the 300 by “thefallen” on the org site. (search USCG C-143-A). If you have the brilliant KSFO airport payware by Scenery4XP you can taxi up to the coast guard ramp (top rh end of 28R) and park outside the offices with sandy’s flag waving in the breeze. Very neat.
    This aircrsft is a great piece of work and a credit to its creator. As you say worth every penny of the 30 dollars it costs.

  2. Oh, Lordy; I’m smitten.

    I have a backlog of files to buy. I still need to get the zero, trojan, otter, beaver, and bronco — and now this?

    And I’m still waiting for the MU-2 update and the PC12. And a *really* good Grand Caravan is also on my wish-list. Here’s hoping Carenado ports their FSX over….

    Well, I’m off to the bank to get a second mortgage…

  3. Oh, I love this plane so much! I’m planning a round-the-world tour with it if I can ever get some time to do it (I need to not work so much). I really like the details in this plane, and the sounds are great. Really the only problem I have with it is that my framerates aren’t that good (18 or so around the Seattle area). But I am still on a 2006 Mac Pro (4x 2.66 GHz old Xeons), so that’s really my own fault. :D

    Jagipson, I’m also looking forward to a good Grand Caravan. I haven’t kept up on my model, so I’m really looking forward to a skilled team putting together a good simulation of one.

    Thanks for the review of the Challenger, and great screenshots!


  4. ok, so then having to maintain a 10,000+ fpm ascent rate to keep the speed under 250kts under 10k ft doesn’t bother anybody here?…the flight model blows chunks, lets face it. I’t shouldnt fly like a NASA rocketship boys.