17 comments on “xp+10+reviews + 22 March 2012 + El Hierro | GCHI

  1. I wish I understood *HOW* the author changed the end of the runway from asphalt to concrete… Is this a polygon? How did he cover the runway with a polygon without covering the runway markings?

    • All runway was made using orthophotos mixed with own textures, where I deleted all markings. Then, I applied own lines to build markings, and over them, brake/wheel markings.

      You can import scenery in WED to see what I say ;-)

      MANY MANY MANY thanks to Chip/X-plane Blog about review :-) )))) And to all about comments.

      Ah, I was in El Hierro last october and light poles were orange ¿¿?? They must have been changed after that: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1126231/X-Plane/GCHI_farola.jpg

      (work to version 1.1) ;-)

      • cestomano: Thank You for the excellent airport, now one of our favorites! We’re curious, what do you plan on adding in v1.1?

        • Change light poles from orange to red :P

          Truly, I would like to modify XP10 mesh in order to improve coast lines, height, etc. and mantaining the rest of the island. And adding taxi layouts to it. But, of course, I need new tools for do it (WED 1.2 and… new vertextool? new mesh tool from Laminar? We’ll see in a near (i hope) future).

  2. Well on the weather topic Chip, as you know, I work outdoors here in the UK and today I was down to a T-shirt (yes it’s turned rather warm) and as I am typing this, on the news the environment agency are saying that due to the current draught conditions fish have got to be moved from certain waters to avoid them dying en mass ! And from the Midlands south we have a hosepipe ban !