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  1. App store says the app you mention near the top of your blog is iPad only! Thanks for all the awesome work, BTW. I am not a developer and can’t fathom some of it, but lots of it is super useful.

  2. First I’ve heard of aerofly. How’s it supposed to compare to X-plane on physics model, WX, scenery and aircraft detail, and extensibility?

      • What, it’s already in iTunes, and u can download it?! I’ve been begging for a windows download for ages!

        Jeff and others, this new sim is from an rc model simming veteran, so it’s physics modelling in particular looks amazing. Looks good for acrobatics fans, no ifr…yet.

  3. I have to say, after watching a bit of the 737 video, i never really cared for how the overhead was laid out. It is just a jumped of switches and most of them work VERY differently then other Boeing.
    My first real Boeing add-on was Level-D 767 back in the day. So i first learned on an organized flight deck. If you fly the 767, you can easily understand the 747,757,777. They all have a similar organization to it.
    Now, after studding the 727, i can see what Boeing was thinking with the 737. There is actually very little on the 727 overhead. A ton more on the 737.

  4. Don’t know if anyone here knew Bud38 on the org, but he’d done an awesome 3d model of a MD900N he was working on.
    Today there was a comment from Nightstalker that Bud38 had passed away from cancer, and in the last few hours I notice all of the condolence messages have gone.

    It didn’t strike me as not genuine, but maybe one of the org staff could elaborate why the condolences have gone. Surely what better place to have them than in his MD900N thread.

  5. Oh god.. That’s why I didn’t understood the last comment, as there was nothing before !

    You know what I think to .org guys.. but they just have set me free ( again ) So I’ll just stick me to minimum messages.

    Rest in Peace

  6. Well, I wasn’t going to chime in on this since it’s a tad off-topic, so my apologies; but I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest since I first read that comment, anyway. And I’ll keep it brief because I was raised with phrases such as, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    Any allegations above, aside — based on *my* personal and direct encounter with an Org admin, here’s my say:

    Just because and entity claims to be an ORGanization, that does not necessarily make it a community.

    organization ≠ community