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    • Ha, I just posted a similar comment! Keep researching, yes it sounds strange considering the Q is known as that. It’s a beautiful bird though, I might cry if I saw one up close :-)

    • I am not speaking specifically of the Q. Dash 8 is a brand name for all of the DHC products made by Bombardier. While this might be a boeing nickname My guess is it will never be official or risk a lawsuit for copywright infringement.

      I get why it’s called that but for claritys sake can we just call it the B748? Pretty Please?

      • what about 8i ? Is that ok Sir?

        Actually, I’ll myself will call it whatever I like, that’s freedom of speech. ‘The Intercontinental’ has a good ring to it, so knowing the Aussie shortening trait, we’ll probably talk about flying the ” Into’ “

    • Oh wow, a big trip! It’ll be humid up there. I’m down in Melbourne, take a short bus trip, it’s not far, Australia’s alot smaller than it look on a map :-) . Maybe you can catch up with Goran, he’s in Sydney.

  1. Sadly I will only be in Australia for about 3 days… I think I should probably stick around SYD. But MEL will be on my next trip down then!

    • Bummer Joe. I hope you’re not just going there, unless its for a job!

      So much to see in Sydney. If u are short for time, try the Sydney aquarium and ESP the adjoining zoo, it doesn’t look much but it’s actually pretty thorough for oz wildlife- say hi to the 15ft croc for me! You’ll have a ball up there, just drink plenty!

  2. I have 7 days off and I wanted to take a trip. Always wanted to go to oz, and since I can jumpseat on UAL it works out to go to SYD out of LAX or SFO. with the flights it works out that my 7 days off gives me 3 days in Australia. I’ll for sure look for the zoo and the aquarium.

  3. Flightime56:

    I would first like to thank you on behalf of the entire SSG team for taking the time to review our Beta 747-8 Intercontinental and we really appreciate your compliments (and criticisms). Our goal is to make the aircraft as realistic as possible, and we are learning as we go along, so every little bit helps.

    First of all, I would like to correct one thing, and that is my original releases were not based on the XPFW 747-400 at all. The folks at XPFW thought that too, and I may have left that impression, so it is probably my fault and I am sorry. The progression was actually from an original file released on October 16, 2006, by YYZatcboy (hi there!), Henrickson & Vivar that I modified. These authors stated that they based their release on XPFW’s 747-400 for X-Plane 6.7 (which they indicate was freed of its copyrights by XPFW). That is the only XPFW link.

    After my first release, I updated the aircraft to base it on the default United 747-400 that comes with X-Plane 9.0 rather than the one based on the old XPFW fuselage. That X-Plane default 747-400 aircraft was created by Mohammad Gazzawi & Sergio Santagada.

    With that out of the way, I would like to address some of your comments one by one…

    Regarding the “stick pin gear”, this was due to the fact that we wanted to scrub the aircraft from as much of the original content as possible, and we felt it was better to release the Beta without it and then model the gear later. That will be a priority now.

    Another gear issue is the steering and body gear that you mention, which is not accurate. This is unfortunately a limitation of XP9, which we may be able to remedy in the XP10 version (also in development). Right now, we only foresee the XP10 version being a replacement ACF file with the rest of the file unchanged. Normally, asymetric thrust is only used to taxi the real 747 in unusual circumstances such as slippery/icy taxiways or in very tight turns.

    Now to the panel, the 3D panel is in development, but that is a huge task, so it is taking some time. The 2D panel will be enhanced as well, but my personal preference is clean textures for the panel, without the “wear and tear” that seems to be the trend in flight sims. I think it is particularly unnecessary for a new aircraft like the 747-8, which are all still shiny and new. However, they should be more realistic looking and we will work on that – along with more system implementation. This may eventually require a plug-in.

    The engine power issue you mention is a good observation. We will look into it. The landing issue (and high approach speeds) is a problem as well. For these performance issues we have enlisted the help of no less than Gary Hunter, who is well known for his excellent aircraft, including his 747 Classic, so he has some good insight into our issues – that he is kindly sharing with us.

    Regarding the fuselage day and night textures, these are slightly modified versions that I made for my original releases, and we are planning a completely new set at a higher resolution and with more shading, weathering, detailing etc. I am no Photoshop expert so it is a learning process for me.

    Carlos and Ricardo have carried the heaviest load when it comes to range and performance testing, and they tell me that they are achieving book values, but we would love to hear pilot reports from other long-haulers out there. We now have a forum on the ORG for such discussions at:


    Finally, the Freighter is in development. In fact it is essentially complete, but Ricardo wants to take it a step further and model/animate all cargo doors, so it will be a further enhancement of the aircraft rather than just a version with a smaller upper deck and a different fuel load.


    - Stekeller

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