17 comments on “12.13.2011 + The News Heard ‘Round the Ramps + 744 Liveries in XP10

  1. Chip,

    Are you sure about no explanation being provided regarding the download required to install from the DVDs? This does not sound right…every copy shipped with a small card placed in DVD slot 1. Perhaps yours slid inside the slot and just wasn’t seen on initial take out? Might want to check, or look in your mailer! We double verify each one prior to final packaging.

  2. hmm, I’m desperate to know what these errors are now! I’ll try and fix them ASAP…
    Also, alll my 744 paints are going to be just as dirty I’m afraid, as the dirt comes with the paintkit for it. I may try and see if there is anything I can do about the stuff near the wing root though, that bit does annoy me.

    • Ok look, I’ve tried a load of things to make it look cleaner, but I’m afraid that I can’t do anything without blitzing the detail everywhere else… so I’m afraid you’ll have to cope with grime or little detail… I’m going to ask Jrollon about this though, so there is still hope… but don’t expect it!

  3. hello, did santiagos KMDW and or another package been updated with the chicago buildings and or global lighting, and available yet? thanks

  4. FYI, I received my full version of XP10 yesterday and the card regarding the installer was indeed in the slot with Disc 1. About half of the discs had come out of their slots, but on the surface looked OK. I downloaded the installer (Mac) and got started. I chose to install all of the scenery. Five hours into the install, while disc 7 was installing I started getting error messages about not being able to load the .dsf files. I clicked Continue a few times and it started again for a bit, then the error messages returned. I had to quit the install without installing the rest of disc 7 or any of disc 8. This morning I will try and see what scenery is missing.


    • Bob, my discs were intact, ie in their slots, but the packaging could provide better support for individual discs. I’m tied up getting Erica ready for another long hospital stay so won’t get to install soon, so please keep us posted on your progress and solutions.

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    • Baron62: assume you’re working FsX/MsFS? Yes. Can understand hesitation. Still, it’s a minimal investment to just try XP10, or even just try out the Beta. I think a few months from now XP10 will be the standard in the XP universe

  5. This is a followup from my previous post regarding an install error. I started getting errors on disc 7 and stopped the install. I checked today and about half of the southern hemisphere was not installed. I noticed some fingerprints on disc 7…nothing that looked significant, but I carefully cleaned the disc with a microfiber cloth, started the install of the missing scenery and it went off without a hitch. None of the errors from last night reappeared. I’ll chalk my issue up to operator error (me). If anyone has an issue, clean the offending disc and you may be in the clear. Now to start tweaking my XP10 settings.


  6. Hey, Bob,

    Glad to hear of your successful install! It’s likely to be a fingerprint of your own, as the replicator goes through a QC process that involves no fingerprints. Perhaps this was one of your loose DVDs?

    Speaking of that, I’m very sorry to hear of the DVDs being loose. We certainly don’t want that, and I would really appreciate your feedback if you don’t mind quickly submitting a report with us about where these DVDs were located in the package (in the bubble mailer, or in the DVD “box” but not in their slots, etc). Given Laminar’s packaging I don’t know if there’s much we can do to improve it, but perhaps we could take each disc out and place it in a paper sleeve with an empty XP 10 box provided alongside. This would allow you as a customer to remove the DVDs from the paper sleeve and place them in the XP 10 box for organized safekeeping in your home. We opted for these mailers after some research of integrity with boxes vs bubble mailers. The verdict was that given the smaller size of a mailer, the added padding and the stiffness of a DVD, the mailers were better suited for a product like this and its safety. Even with a DVD coming out of its slot, the mailer would help to ensure the DVD does not get scratched (there’s not much room to move), whereas a looser fitting box would have the potential to damage the DVD with scratches. This wasn’t a cutting corners thing (mailers are actually more expensive in general than boxes!), but a “safety” call.

    We’re committed to ensuring your experience is good with these deliveries, and perhaps we need to do something a little extra than what Laminar provides to ensure even more safety to the DVDs (though we had hundreds of DVDs delivered yesterday and no bad reports). This is why I’d like your feedback as to where these DVDs were located in the packaging upon you receiving them!

    And, of course, if anyone has any issues AT ALL with their DVDs, X-Aviation is committed to fixing the problem for you straight away free of charge. Letting you down is not an option!

    Bob, if you don’t mind, please submit your feedback here: http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php

    Thank you very much for your time and report. We definitely appreciate it!

  7. Chip, I’m no CSI, but I’m almost positive the fingerprint on the disc was mine. I tried to be careful handling the discs, but I would be very surprised if a replicator’s process would result in a print.

    Cameron, thanks for the concern and explanation. I was never concerned that any problem would have been correctly handled. I just submitted a report on your site as requested. I doubt that there is much of an issue with the packaging. Even if the discs come loose as mine did, there is not much room for them to move around. Guess time will tell, though. Anyway, all is well and the settings tweaking continue!


  8. did santiagos KMDW get updated to include global lighting or chicago buildings , it has been a few weeks since i was told it was going to be?