13 comments on “Developer Interview – Andras Fabian, Mr X-Terrain

  1. Andras – Fantastic stuff! The fog [my fog] is beginning to lift .

    Early days but will the UK landscape ever have hedges?

    Anyway thanks for all the hard work from way back V8 Trees got me going…. :)


  2. Great Interview and enlightenment on the workings of the system!
    Superb job Andras & Team, looking forward to things to come.

  3. Fascinating stuff, thanks so much for providing this article. As a geographer and GIS practitioner, I was fascinated to learn about your sources and uses of terrain and climate data. I’ll always look forward to more! Thanks again.

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  5. Finally I understand what DSF files exactly do. Thanks for an immensely interesting insight into Xplanes innards! Lets you appreciate its qualities even more. You should add the description to the wiki on x-plane.org!

    One thing I missed from the interview was the private side. Is Laminar you dayjob? You say you work for them at nights, so do you have another job? What is it like to work for a small but high profile company with a sometimes grumpy founder?

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  7. interesting read…how do you see xplanes approach to scenery compared to outerra and ms flight? what do you think are the benefits or your way? and what do you think the others do better?