14 comments on “NEW ACF ALERT: XPFR’s Unbelievable Ercoupe!

  1. You are actually right, the sound files are the weak part of the acf. Maybe it would be useful to look for an available sound enginer. We have one among XPFR, but I must admit I did not tink, at the time, it was very important : I was wrong.

    Nonetheless, it’s only about overwriting some wav files, so if someone has better files -and precise SFC settings in PM – we may patch the plane and make some room in the “credits” file ;-)

  2. The Ercoupe is so easy to fly that, in the US, if it was the aircraft one used to get their license, the license restricted them to only flying the Ercoupe.

  3. At one time there was a special license for the Ercoupe, primarily as it had no conventional rudder, but also simply because it was so easy to fly. It was designed and priced to replace the automobile, hence the name Ercoupe, pronounced Air Coupe!

    Hope you’re loving this one as much as we are!

  4. Awesome review, just d/l this beautiful aircraft!
    Would you be so kind to possibly list the “Scenery” you used for your review.
    Thank you for your time.
    Heading off for a virgin flight with the Ercoupe.

  5. XFB:
    The first images with the green terminal building are from our own KMMH Mammoth Lakes, CA scenery, which we will be releasing shortly. You can see more of this facility here: http://xp10designgroup.wordpress.com/ and here:http://awaken07.wordpress.com/
    It will be released soon.
    The water scenes are from Bora Bora, available in the recent XPFR scenery package.
    The last images with the dark sky are in Winter World, leaving KBOS toward Beverly, Massachusetts, from the ORG..
    The roller coaster images in today’s update are from Cedar Point, again, from the ORG.

  6. Hey, about the sounds. Make sure to check out at X-Plane.org. Look at Dreamfoils Creation’s Bell 206 Jet Ranger III. I dunno if you ever heard about his dream engine, but it’s the better sound engine ever made for X-Plane, it simulates vibrations , shakes, depends on angle of attack of the blades, based on datarefs, 3D positioning. All makes sound : main rotor, tail rotor, engine, transmission, vibrations etc… Moreover, his Bell is the better heli i’ve never seen in X-Plane, you should make a review on your wonderful blog : http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/x-planestore/Detail?no=223

    Please, can you tell me what’s the wonderful the wonderful scenery with blue water and palmtrees we can see above with the Ercoupe. I would go there with B-17 ^^ Thanks guy, keep up the good news!